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Real Estate – Milk and Buyer's

In day-to-day life we find that the purchase of a quart of milk requires decision-making but little emotion. You decide on whole, skim, one or two percent. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe chocolate. You know the price of the purchase before you reach checkout. It is not a negotiation. The purchase of a residential property has hundreds of variables leading up to the offer: location, architectural style, square footage, condition, amenities, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, acreage, deferred maintenance, radon, underground storage tanks, the neighbors, etc. etc. These type of emotional decisions are best made with an experienced broker on your side that has the wealth of knowledge to make informed decisions and provide secure guidance.

Studies have shown that over 50% of buyers are introduced to a property by cooperating Real Estate agents/firms. Sellers often make the listing selection based on the perception of who will have access to the greatest number of qualified buyers. The reality is the seller should select the broker that has an expanding base of buyers AND has the best working relationship with all sales associates in their community. The firm with the most sophisticated and competent agents, often produces the quickest and most seamless transactions because of their working relationships.

If a deal stays together, it may have less to do with the source of the buyer than the expertise of the broker/sales associate hired to manage the transaction. The experienced broker can see below the surface and identify issues before they become intractable positions.

Adam Geragosian