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Current Rates as of 9/28/09:

Rates have remained low and we (realtors) do not foresee them climbing back up any time soon. These historically low rates have affected the real estate market by creating more opportunities for qualified buyer’s to obtain a mortgage. It is amazing that buyer’s have almost come to “expect” such low rates… when not too long ago people were obtaining loans around 18%!! The current rates as of today are….

30 Year conforming 5.125%
20 Year conforming 4.875%
15 Year conforming 4.375%
10 Year conforming 4.25%
10 Year ARM conforming 4.625%
7 Year ARM conforming 4.375%
5 Year ARM conforming 3.875%
30 Year Jumbo 5.5%
5 Year ARM Jumbo 5.375%

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