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Real Estate — Innovation District

The much discussed ‘Innovation District’ is totally renovating the South Boston and Waterfront neighborhoods. The plan is for young, tech-savy individuals to come from the world-class universities in the area or from afar, all to settle down in this new neighborhood. It certainly is one that is destined to keep people in the area permanently, with roughly 90 new firms and some 1,700 or so units planning to set root.

Some of the developments soon to on the drawing board include:

Waterside Place – 236 apartments, 19-stories
Pier 4 – 357 apartments, 21-stories
Seaport Square – 750 apartments, 22-stories
411 D Street – 197 apartments, 2 buildings (one will be 5-stories, the other 6-stories)
319 A Street – 202 apartments, 20-stories

Adam Geragosian