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Real Estate – Spring Forecast

By Adam Geragosian | March 12, 2024

As we get in to Spring, inventory will begin to pick up (quite substantially). I anticipate a more active Spring Market than we have seen since 2022. There are multiple […]

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Real Estate – Seller Beware

By Adam Geragosian | March 4, 2024

If contemplating sale, now is a good time to consider your options. We are heading in to a competitive Spring Market where prep and representation can make all the difference […]

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Real Estate – Limited Inventory

By Adam Geragosian | March 1, 2024

  The lack of supply within Boston, and all Metro Boston markets, has bottlenecked buyer demand. There is not nearly enough homes for sale to satisfy the number of buyers […]

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Real Estate – Prevent Frozen Pipes

By Adam Geragosian | January 19, 2024

Keep heat at minimum 60 degrees. Open cabinets under sinks, especially if on exterior wall. Set faucets to a steady drip, especially if on exterior wall. Keep bathroom doors open […]

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Real Estate – Shop for Insurance!

By Adam Geragosian | January 8, 2024

Real Estate – Shop for Insurance! If you own a home, you should be well familiar with property insurance and what it covers. If not, you will want to make […]

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Real Estate – Purchase Valuation

By Adam Geragosian | December 18, 2023

Purchase Valuation One of the hardest things as a buyer is determining what a property is worth. This can be especially difficult if you are emotionally invested in a home […]

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Real Estate – Winter Prep

By Adam Geragosian | December 11, 2023

As we get in to the colder months, here is a list of things to do prior to the deep freeze! Service HVAC or Boiler. Drain outdoor spigots. Install storm […]

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Real Estate – Who are rates impacting most?

By Adam Geragosian | November 29, 2023

Who is being impacted most by the rise of interest rates? First-time-buyers. There is no demographic of buyer that has been more affected by the national rate hikes than this […]

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Real Estate – Trusted Techs

By Adam Geragosian | November 16, 2023

Trusted Techs: If you own a home, then you know issues with inevitably arise. This is an unavoidable consequence that comes with the territory of a “physical asset”. If you […]

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