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Real Estate – Highest Price in Boston

Real Estate – Winter Snow Removal

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Shoveling Tips, in the City:

1) Shovel and sand/salt sidewalk in front of property (you can be held liable if someone slips and falls).
2) Shovel and lightly sand stairs to building (careful to not use salt as it eats away at wood).
3) Shovel snow away from foundation (helps prevent water entry into basement)
4) Shovel out dryer or furnace exhaust vents.
5) Shovel snow off roof or deck when accumulation is 8″+.
6) Shovel fire escapes.
7) Shovel any fire hydrants near property.

Real Estate – Foreclosures Down


While not something that those in the industry particularly like the sound of, foreclosure activity in this instance at least when it pertains to Massachusetts is actually in a good situation. From the booming real estate market to the government programs purposefully enacted to assist homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgages, the frequency of foreclosures in the Bay State have been dramatically reduced.

In September, there were a total of 247 foreclosure deeds filed. This number was a massive 52% drop from 2012 when there were 512 foreclosure deeds.

Real Estate – Lowest Rates Since Summer


Interest rates have hit a 4 month low. With the government shut down, and economic data disappointing investors, the rates checked back to provide some stability. Today’s Rates:

30 Year Fixed – 4.250%
15 Year Fixed – 3.375%
5/1 Adj. Rate – 2.875%

There is no crystal ball to tell us where rates will trend – but I suspect the pattern of 1.5 steps up, 1 step down to continue.

Real Estate – Luxury Buyers Still Looking


Today, one-third of luxury consumers, those with a gross annual income exceeding $250,000, insist that they are actively trying to purchase real estate either for personal use or as an investment over the next twelve months. Most of these wealthy individuals expect that if they were to purchase a property today, it’s value would appreciate by 14% over the next five years (a low estimate for Boston specific).

Real Estate – Interest Rates Down

Federal Reserve Bank

As I had forecasted back in June, the interest rates continue to cycle up and then correct. This week they hit a 2-month low of 4.32% (30 year fixed). This was due to the Fed’s decision last week to continue the Treasury and mortgage-backed bond purchasing. When the market responded terribly to the Fed stating they plan to cut back on these purchases, it made them realize the economy is still too fragile to mess around.

If you are ready to buy, now is a good time to capitalize.

Real Estate – Listing Carefully


When the real estate market is hot and properties are receiving multiple offers, it seems that anyone can list and sell a home. On paper this may hold some truth – but can the person you hire maximize profits? It happens over and over and over again where a seller chooses an inexperienced agent, or tries to do a FSBO, and it ends up costing them a LOT of money. In just the last 1.5 weeks I have seen 4 sales where sellers have left $ on the table due to the way their property was marketed and negotiated. There are a lot of tricks to generating the highest price possible… so make sure you ask questions and do your research before signing the contract!

Real Estate – Strong Summer Market


Even through the historically slower Summer months, the housing gains have continued in a major way. Prices are still going up and there is demand for property in/around Boston that shows no signs of slowing down. Interest rates are higher than Spring, which has had some affect on activity, but not as much as a lot of people predicted (myself NOT included!). Buyers can still purchase a home with very low rates, in an a market that has not quite peaked. Meanwhile, Sellers can capitalize on limited supply with a pool of buyers willing to pay asking price or more.

Real Estate – Boston Harbor Lighthouse


Your chance to own a piece of Boston’s history! This 110 year old facility stands 113 feet tall and is now run off solar power.

What began not long ago, the deadline for all bids to be in initially was set for August 6th. With a minimum of putting $10,000 down with the minimum bid starting in June at $25,000, bids began to flow in and on August 5th reached $111,000. Only four days later with the deadline having been extended again, the total of ten bids climbed up to $559,000. Now, with 18 hours left to bid, the price for this historic lighthouse has reached $761,888.