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Real Estate – Winter Prep


As we get in to the colder months, here is a list of things to do prior to the deep freeze!

  1. Service HVAC or Boiler.
  2. Drain outdoor spigots.
  3. Install storm windows (if you do not have thermal layer windows).
  4. Service/clean fireplace.
  5. Cover wood store or keep in a dry place such as garage (if you have a wood fireplace).
  6. Clean gas fireplace (if it is not an enclosed insert).
  7. Check attic and basement for any holes created by animals. These can lead to drafts that can lead to freezing pipes and/or high heating bills.
  8. Clean gutters. This will help prevent ice dams.
  9. Put up reflector poles along driveways, walkways; etc. before ground freezes.
  10. Evaluate tree limbs around house that may fall/break under weight of snow.
  11. Evaluate roof to make sure shingles or rubber are not peeling. These are more difficult to repair in the freezing cold!
  12. Insulate any exposed pipes. Simple pipe insulation can be purchased at any hardware store. This most often applies to unfinished basements.
  13. Make sure any ceiling fans are counter-clockwise. They should be pulling air UP not pushing DOWN. This creates circulation throughout the room and distributing the warmer air that collects around ceiling.
  14. Test snow blower is BEFORE it snows.
  15. Stock essentials that may run low during a storm (non-perishable food, water snowmelt, shovels, candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, firewood, gas for snow blower; etc).
Adam Geragosian

Adam Geragosian