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Real Estate – Winter Snow Removal

Real Estate – More Bidding Wars to Come

bidding war

I wasn’t sure it would be possible… but it looks like this Spring we will see more bidding wars than last. Inventory is down from last year and there are more buyers looking than ever. I submitted an offer yesterday competing against 22 other offers (9 of which were cash). If you are buying in/around Boston make sure to consult with someone who knows how to navigate these “wars”!

Real Estate – Home Improvement Projects


The real estate market in 2013 was one of the most remarkable years that we have ever experienced. Not just here in the Bay State, but also across much of the country, most markets realized superb boosts in prices, sales volume, construction starts, and record times for getting a property to the closing table after it has been active on the market. Now, a recent study from Harvard University has concluded that because of the above factors, the nation’s home remodeling market is also primed for success in this calendar year.

Real Estate – Winter Snow Removal

winter boston

Shoveling Tips, in the City:

1) Shovel and sand/salt sidewalk in front of property (you can be held liable if someone slips and falls).
2) Shovel and lightly sand stairs to building (careful to not use salt as it eats away at wood).
3) Shovel snow away from foundation (helps prevent water entry into basement)
4) Shovel out dryer or furnace exhaust vents.
5) Shovel snow off roof or deck when accumulation is 8″+.
6) Shovel fire escapes.
7) Shovel any fire hydrants near property.